It’s my joy to lose my life and find it in Jesus Christ.

– Upperoom Worship –

Wazzzuuup! Hey everyone! Welcome back to my channel! Lol I’m joking. Welcome to the second segment of Worship Restored! Thank you for journeying with me guys!

So I’m quite sure we’re all familiar with the 5 love languages; physical touch, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, quality time and acts of service. In our relationships, whether romantic or in friendship, we all have specific, unique ways we wanna be loved. We feel seen and valued when those particular love languages are met. I would imagine being in relationship with the Father is no different. When we say we love Him, what is the best love language to express to Him?

Having sung songs about loving God all my life, I’ve had to sit down and ask myself; what does it really mean to love God? And when I read John 14:23 I found answer. God’s love language is my obedience. And I can’t help but think of the lyrics from one of my favourite worship bands called Upperoom: “I will love You with my yes and with my obedience”
In view of His great mercy, we are to offer up our bodies (everything that comprises of our being), in full obedience, surrender to the One we call Lord. To be in submission, to be submerged under His Lordship. This means His ways and will above our own, despite how good our own ways feel. To concede our will to be broken so that we align to His. This is what it means to love God. Not in words, but in action.


We read in 1 Samuel 15:22 that obedience is better than sacrifice. King Saul thought it best to sacrifice what God had initially asked Him to destroy. I bring it closer to home in 2020 and ask myself, what has God asked me to do or not to do? Yet I ignore the instruction and choose to go and sing because I think that fixes and erases my disobedience. Yes the expression of worship to God in singing is great, but it’d be sweeter if my worship starts and continues off the stage/pulpit by continually and intentionally living in obedience.

Obedience is better than singing. Obedience is the posture of the heart to the Father saying; “Lord I’m constantly in worship, constantly on fire burning for You.” Obedience is better than my commitment to rehearsals, or church services. Before the visible acts of worship, obedience is an internal thing. Unseen by man but the heart positioned in surrender to the ways and will of God our Father. Which only He sees, not man.

I want to encourage us worshipers to value being in obedience over the excitement of being at rehearsal, gig or church service. Let us rush and be as determined to live in obedience just as we are determined to have great worship sessions. Let us pursue the will of the Father and run this race with endurance with the help of the Holy Spirit.

What has God been asking you to do? What has He been asking you to let go of? What has He been asking you to surrender to Him? Idee Music once shared from Romans 12 the part of the scripture that says “offer up your bodies as living sacrifice as this is your true and REASONABLE act of worship. He explained that the Word reasonable indicates that God is not asking us of something that is unattainable. So what He asks of us, we can do. We’re not alone. We have a helper who is the Holy Spirit. How amazing is that?

Find yourself good God fearing counsel that you can be accountable to. Let them know your areas of struggle in obedience and journey with until you look back and point out what used to be a struggle and how you’ve overcome. This is the walk of salvation! Becoming more and more like Christ as sin falls off. As you behold Him and look unto him, the things of this World become strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace!!!

Much love!